E - Books

  1. Graph-based natural language processing and information retrieval,  Mihalcea, Rada F.2011
  2. Sparse Image and Signal Processing,  Starck ,Jean-Luc., 2010 
  3. Elements of MATLAB style,    Johnson, Richard K, 2011
  4. Programmable logic controllers,   Bolton W.2009
  5. Test automation and QTP QTP 9.2, QTP 9.5, QTP 10.0 and Functional Test 11.0,    Gupta, Rajeev   2012
  6. Practical guide to linux commands, editors, and shell programming,      Sobell. Mark G       2010
  7. Effective software testing 50 specific ways to improve your testing         Dustin, Elfriede   2003
  8. Optical Switching Networks           Maier, Martin            2010
  9. Waveform Design for Active Sensing Systems A Computational Approach         He, Hao         2012
  10. Complete A+ guide to PC repair         Schmidt , Cheryl A       2011
  11. Adhoc wireless networks architectures and protocols   Murthy, Sivaram C    2004
  12. Agile software architecture aligning agile processes and software architectures     Ali Babar, Muhammad; ed.   2013
  13. Software engineering architecture-driven software development   Schmidt, Richard F.
  14. Software engineering for embedded systems methods, practical techniques, and applications       Oshana, Robert
  15. Software Architecture 2   Oussalah, Mourad Chabane         2014
  16. Advances in Therapeutic Engineering   Yu,Wenwei...[et.al];  ed  2012
  17. Image Processing and Analysis with Graphs   Lézoray, Olivier  2012
  18. Software Project Management : A Process-Driven Approach  Ahmed, Ashfaque    2011
  19. Programming with Higher-order Logic   Miller, Dale 2012
  20. Control System Design Guide  Ellis, George  2012
  21. Discrete Cosine and Sine Transforms  Britanak, Vladimir 2007
  22. Embedded Systems Security    David, Kleidermacher   2012
  23. Designing embedded systems with PIC microcontrollers    Wilmshurst, Tim   2010
  24. Simulation Modeling and Analysis with Arena    Altiok, Tayfur  2007
  25. Research Methodology From Philosophy of Science to Research Design   Novikov, Alexander M.   2013
  26. Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data   David, W.I.F...et al
  27. Application software re-engineering   Alam, M. Afshar   2010
  28. Artificial Intelligence a guide to intelligent systems   Negnevitsky ,Michael   2011
  29. Computer networking a top-down approach  Kurose, James F  2010
  30. Corporate computer and network security  Panko, Raymond R.   2010
  31. Crafting a compiler   Fischer, Charles   2010
  32. System programming with C and Unix  Hoover, Adam  2010
  33. Concepts of programming languages   Sebesta, Robert W  2010
  34. Verification and Validation in Scientific Computing  William L. Oberkampf   2013
  35. Information Theory Coding Theorems for Discrete Memoryless Systems   Csiszár, Imre  2012
  36. Agile Testing How to Succeed in an Extreme Testing Environment  Watkins, John  2009
  37. Evaluating learning algorithms a classification perspective   Japkowicz, Nathalie   2011
  38. Multibiometrics for human identification   Bhanu, Bir ;   ed.2011
  39. Algorithms and parallel computing   Gebali,Fayez  2011
  40. Time series analysis and forecasting by example    Bisgaard, Soren    2010
  41. Introduction to IP address management    Rooney, Timothy   2010
  42. Applied computational fluid dynamics techniques an introduction based on finite element methods   Löhner, Rainald   2008
  43. Emerging wireless technologies and future mobile internet   Raychaudhuri, Dipankar; ed.2011
  44. Fast algorithms for signal processing     Blahut, Richard E    2011
  45. Compendium of partial differential equation models method of lines analysis with Matlab    Schiesser, William E   2009
  46. Analytic combinatorics     Flajolet, Philippe   2011
  47. Beyond Redundancy: How Geographic Redundancy Can Improve Service Availability and Reliability of Computer-Based Systems         Bauer, Eric    2011
  48. Flash Catalyst CS5 Bible   Huddleston, Rob   2011
  49. Android Fully Loaded   Huddleston, Rob   2011
  50. A guide to experimental algorithms   McGeoch Catherine C.   2012
  51. Theory of conditional games   Stirling, Wynn C.2011
  52. Aspect oriented, model driven software product lines    Rashid, Awais ed.   2011
  53. Software Receiver Design   Johnson, C. Richard   2011
  54. Graph spectra for complex networks   Mieghem, Piet van    2010
  55. Channel codes   Ryan, William   2009
  56. Lectures in game theory for computer scientists   Apt , Krzysztof R. ed.   2011