Course Description

The University established the Department of Computer Applications to facilitate research and human resources development in the subject. The Department offers research programs leading to a Ph.D. in the areas of data science, artificial intelligence, cyber security, graph theory, image processing, cryptography, data mining etc. The department boasts laboratory facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technologies applicable to a variety of sectors and in line with the latest technology. The objective of the doctoral programs offered by the Department of Computer Applications is to cultivate exceptional educational researchers who have a broad range of research expertise, practical experience, and thorough subject knowledge in their field of study.

Research Guides

Dr. A. SreekumarProfessor

  • Algorithms
  • Graph Theory
  • Image Processing
  • Machine Intelligence

Dr. Sabu M. K.Professor

  • Rough Set Theory
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Dr. M. V. Judy Professor

  • Data Science
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Biology

Dr. Vinod P.Professor

  • Cyber Security
  • Malware Analysis
  • Machine Learning

Dr. Vishnukumar S.Associate Professor

  • Digital Image Processing
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Soft Computing
  • Computer Vision

Dr. Rafidha Rehiman K. A.Assistant Professor

  • Cyber Security
  • Cryptography

Dr. Deepika M. P.Assistant Professor

  • Number Theory
  • Cryptography
  • Visual Cryptography
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Secret Sharing
  • Information Security

Dr. B. KannanEmeritus Professor

  • Algorithms
  • Graph Theory
  • Image Processing

Dr. K. V. PramodEmeritus Professor

  • Mathematics
  • Simulation & Modelling

Admissions Criteria

  • Candidates who have qualified for the department admission test (DAT) for Ph.D. conducted by the department within the relevant time frame
  • OR
  • Candidates with JRF (JRF which is valid at the time of application)

Candidates are selected based on the following criteria

  • Qualifying examination eligibility
  • Strong academic records.
  • Merit in the synopsis, the candidate intends to study
  • Vacancy availability with the research guides
If selected, the candidate is to be in a position to complete full-time course work for a duration as stipulated by the university/UGC. The stages of progress of the study are to be reviewed by the doctoral committee every six months.

Research scholars Awarded Ph.D.

Sl.No. Reg. No. Name Guide Title Year of award
1 2528 James K.N Dr. Babu Sundar S Real Time Raga Detection and Analysis Using Computer 2009
2 2868 Sweety Issac Dr. Humayoon Kabeer Internet Utilization and Academic Activities of Faculty Members in the University of Kerala: An Analytical Study 2009
3 2867 Francis A.T Dr. Humayoon Kabeer Re-engineering and Re-Defining University Libraries in the context of modern Information and Communication Technologies: a study with special reference to the University Libraries in Kerala 2009
4 2529 Sreekumar A Dr. Babu Sundar S Secret Sharing Schemes using Visual Cryptography 2010
5 2568 Ramkumar P.B Dr. K.V. Pramod A Study of Morphological Operators With Applications 2011
6 2601 Manju C Dr. K.V. Pramod Algebraic Geometric Codes and their Relation to Cryptography using Elliptic curves 2012
7 3763 Julie M David Dr. B. Kannan Statistical Machine Learning Techniques for the prediction of Learning Disabilities in School-Age Children 2013
8 3943 Shine N Das Dr. K.V. Pramod Design and Development of Efficient Classification Schemes for Web Content Mining 2013
9 3277 Archana S.N Dr. Humayoon Kabeer Resource sharing Among Engineering College Libraries Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala: A Proposed Model 2014
10 2768 Sindhu M.S Dr. B. Kannan A data Mining Approach for the Identification of Adverse Drug Events (ADE) Resulting from Drug-Drug Interactions (DDI) to Improve Pharmacovigilance 2014
11 3539 Jomy John Dr. K.V. Pramod Pattern Analysis Techniques for the Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Malayalam Character Images 2014
12 2767 Aysha V Dr. B. Kannan Document Image Segmentation and Compression using Artifical Neural Networks and Evolutionary Methods 2014
13 3746 Sindhumol S Dr. B. Kannan Improved Feature Extraction and Classification Techniques for Multispectral Brain Magnetic Resonance Images 2014
14 3846 Simily Joseph Dr. B. Kannan Classification and Content Based Retrieval of Digital Mammograms and Placental Sonograms 2014
15 3848 Cini Kurian Dr. B. Kannan Analysis of Unique Phonemes and Developmen of Automatic Speech Recognizer for Malayalam Language 2014
16 3850 Srikrishnan S Dr. M.Bhasi / Dr. K.V. Pramod Software Risk Management in Information Systems Offshoring and Outsourcing 2014
17 3880 Remya A.R Dr. A. Sreekumar Efficient Watermarking Schemes for Speaker Verification Guaranteeing Non-repudiation 2015
18 3540 Surendran Cherukodan Dr. S. Humayoon Kabir Open Source Software for Libraries 2015
19 3517 Ramkumar P.B Dr. B. Kannan A Study of some Centrality measures in Graphs 2015
20 3734 Bino Sebastian Dr. B. Kannan Mathematical Morphology on Hypergraph spaces and its applications in Image Processing 2016
21 4133 Binu V P Dr. A. Sreekumar Secret Sharing Schemes with Extended Capabilities and Applications 2017
22 4487 Smiju I S Dr. M.Bhasi / Dr. K.V. Pramod Stakeholder Management in ERP and Core Banking Software Projects 2017
23 4134 Arun Madhu Dr. A. Sreekumar Unmanned Vehicle Based Security System for Wireless Sensor Networks 2018
24 3765 Binu Jacob Dr. K.V. Pramod Improved Data Mining Techniques in Ubiquitous Environments 2018
25 4388 M B Santhosh Kumar Dr. B. Kannan Development of Innovative Procedures for Information Technology Articulated Agriculture 2018
26 3958 Krishna Kumar M Dr. K.V. Pramod Frameworks for Effective Blind Source Separation of Ground Borne Signals and Their Applications 2018
27 4129 Sunil Kumar R Dr. B. Kannan Studies on Betweenness Centrality of Graphs 2018
28 3762 Jino P J Dr. B. Kannan Offline Handwritten Malayalam Word Recognition using Machine Learning Techniques 2019
29 3516 Reshmi S Dr. B. Kannan A Hybrid Knowledge Base Chatbot Framework with Enhanced Inquisitiveness and Language Localisation 2019
30 4528 Shine K George Dr.Jagathy Raj V P/ Dr. K.V. Pramod Ontology Based News Generation Framework Using Neural Models 2019
31 4131 Dhanya P M Dr. A. Sreekumar/ Dr.M.Jathavedan Text Summarization Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Hypergraphs 2019
32 3944 Unnikrishnan K Dr. K.V. Pramod Investigation On Relational Database Watermarking Services Framework For Content Security 2020
33 4906 Soumya George Dr. M Sudheep Elayidom & Dr. T. Santhanakrishnan A Novel Sequence Graph-based Search Engine using Subject Wise Labeling for the Academic Knowledge Base 2020
34 4132 Deepika M P Dr. A. Sreekumar Secret sharing schemes and its Applications 2020
35 5103 Shini Renjith Dr. A. Sreekumar & Dr. M. Jathavedan An Autodidactic Algorithm for Enhancing the Performance of Review-based Recommender Systems 2020
36 4668 Jestin Joy Dr. B. Kannan Design and Development of Assistive software tools for improving the effectiveness of Sign Language based learning 2020
37 5427 Anuraj Mohan Dr. K.V. Pramod Large scale Machine Learning Approaches to Problems in Text and Social Network Mining 2021
38 5488 Ajitha S Dr. M.V. Judy Automatic Delineation of Diabetic Retinopathy from SLO images 2021
39 5492 Rani Oommen Panicker Dr. Sabu M K Development of Algorithms for automatic detection of TB bacili from sputum smear microscopic images and to study the impact of automated system for TB 2021
40 5601 Shailesh S Dr. M.V. Judy Computational Frame work for identification of spatio-temporal patterns in classical dance using machine learning techniques 2021
41 5819 Sabeen Govind P V Dr. M.V. Judy Enhanced Data Hiding Algorithms for High Imperceptibility and Efficient Payload Capacity in Digital Images 2022
42 3518 Beena A L Dr. Humayoon Kabir S. Information Security Risk Analysis of Digital Libraries in South india 2023
43 3845 Malathi S Dr B Kannan Frame Works for Organized Crowdsourcing in Software Quality Assurance 2023
44 4697 Parameshwaran.R Dr. M.Jathavedan SPACE TIME ALGEBRAIC APPROACH TO FLUID DYNAMICS 2024
45 4923 Soumya S Dr. K.V. Pramod Identification and Analysis of Sentiments from Malayalam Text using Machine Learning Approaches 2024

Current Research Scholars

Sl. No Registration Number Name Guide Area of Research Year
1 4656 Jasir.M.P Dr. B. Kannan Text to Speech Synthesis In Malayalam 2013
2 4669 Vijith.T.K Dr. K.V. Pramod A Unified Approach for Detection of Image 2013
3 4922 Rajesh Kumar R Dr. K.V. Pramod Medical Image Processing 2014
4 4831 Bindhu J S Dr. K.V. Pramod Land Cover Problem using Satellite Images 2014
5 4987 Sreekala M Dr. Varghese Paul Development of a Novel Encription 2014
6 5065 Sukrith B Dr. Sreekumar A Cryptography 2015
7 5363 Ajilisa O A Dr. V P Jagathiraj Medical Image Analysis 2016
8 5402 Sruthi S Dr. Binu Paul Natural Language Processing 2016
9 5425 Selin M Dr. Preetha Mathew Cyber Security 2017
10 5489 HARITHA K Dr. M. V. Judy Big Data Analytics 2017
11 5491 RAMESH R Dr. M. V. Judy Big Data Analytics in Computational Epidemiology 2017
12 5494 SOUMYA T V Dr. Sabu M. K Three-way decisions using Rough set 2017
13 5566 Rekha K S Dr. Sabu M. K Deep Learning 2017
14 5633 Sruthi K S Dr. B Kannan / Dr. A Sreekumar Cyber Security 2017
15 5820 Baazil P Thampy Dr. M. V. Judy Big Data Analytics 2018
16 5821 Bindhu M G Dr. M. K. Sabu A Novel Approach for Dimensionality 2018
17 5953 Sangeetha Chandran Dr. Santosh Kumar M.B Dr. A. Sreekumar Image Processing 2018
18 5954 Sowmya M R Dr. Santosh Kumar M.B Dr. Soorak K Ambat Machine learning 2018
19 6001 Jafseer K T Dr. A. Sreekumar Machine learning 2019
20 6022 Sreemol R Dr. Santosh Kumar M.B Dr. Sreekumar Biometric Data Security 2019
21 6144 Manoj A M Dr. M B Santhosh kumar Pattern Matching In Agriculture Domain 2019
22 6178 Reshma M R Dr. B.KannanDr.Jagathy Raj Computer Vision 2019
23 6236 Divyabarathi G Dr. M. V. Judy Dr. A .Sreekumar Image processing 2020
24 6280 Veena Jose Dr. Jagathy Raj V.P Dr.Sabu M.K Machine Learning & Information Security 2020
25 6284 Asha J Vithayathil Dr. A. Sreekumar Information Security Techniques 2020
26 6283 Nisha Markose Dr.Sudheep Elayidom Dr Sabu M K Deep Learning 2020
27 6282 Meharban M SD Dr. Sabu M K Dr.T Santhana Krishnan Deep Learning 2020
28 6303 Anju P Unni Dr. A. Sreekumar Network Science 2020
29 6434 Vivek M V Dr. M. V. Judy Big Data Analytics 2020
30 6730 Aneurin Salim A L - - -
31 6435 Bineetha Vijayan Dr. M.V.Judy Big Data Analytics 2021
32 6444 Dhanya L K Dr Kannan B Natural Language Processing undefined
33 6546 Dincy R Arikkat Dr. Vinod P, Dr Rafidha Rehiman Cyber Threat Intelligence 2021
34 6540 Gayathri Soman Dr. M. V. Judy Machine Learning 2021
35 6543 Jishnu C R Dr. Vishnukumar S Image processing 2021
36 6541 Asmitha K A Dr. Vinod P Dr Rafidha Rehiman Cyber Security 2021
37 6542 Sameera K M Dr. Vinod PDr Rafidha Rehiman Cyber Security 2021
38 6575 Jeethu Joseph Dr. M.V.Judy - 2021
39 6545 Reena Mary George Dr. Vishnukumar S Image Processing 2021
40 6544 Nisa A K Dr. Vishnukumar S Image Processing 2021
41 6576 Vinod Kumar P P - - -
42 6690 Greeshma K Dr. Vishnukumar S Image Processing 2021
43 6806 Greeshma Andrew Dr. Deepika M.P Security In IOT 2022
44 6859 Soumia Chandran M. Dr. Deepika M.P & Dr. Rafidha Rehiman K.A Deep Learning for IoT Security, Attack Identification and Defence 2022
45 6940 Raseena P.A. Dr. Sabu M.K & Dr. Deepika M.P Artificial Intelligence Based Neuroimaging Analysis of Brain Disorders 2023
46 6957 Archana Krishnan Dr. Sabu M.K & Dr. Rafidha Rehiman K.A Extreme Weather Prediction using Advanced Deep Learning 2023
47 6962 Anita Nair Dr. Rafidha Rehiman K.A Security consideration of BYOD 2023
48 6960 Ajai Basil Varghese Dr. Deepika M.P Intelligent IoT Farming 2023
49 6978 Merin Paul Dr. Sabu M.K & Dr. Rafidha Rehiman K.A Breast Cancer Detection using Deep Learning 2023
50 6982 Anjana M. P Dr. Arun K.S Bioinformatics 2023

Post-doctoral Fellows

Sl. No Name Mentor Area of Research Fellowship
1 Dr. Tinu Varghese Dr. Sabu M K Medical Image Processing DST - Women Scientist Scheme - A